Estivales nights 2018


In Pairi Daiza, this summer, we won't go to bed before the sun!

  • Estivales 2018 : every Friday and Saturday from July 6th to August 25th. Sixteen evenings.

  • Park open from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm. (last entry at 10:00 pm)

  • Artistic representations starting at 6:00 pm.

  • Free with a season pass!

During each evening, discover the shows offered by dozens of companies, 38 of which are new, in one of the 12 representation places in the park.

In total, this summer, Pairi Daiza will welcome more than 500 artists during the Estivales 2018!

Let yourself be carried away by the musical rhythms of the end of the world, surprised by the prowess of the artists, charmed by the humor of the actors, and amazed by the communion between the man and the nature.

Animals, scenery and amazing artists ... What more? Oh yes, to drink and eat! During each Summer, our catering outlets are open to delight your taste buds.

Want to see all the artists and meet the other 7000 inhabitants of the Jardin des Mondes? Take a season pass without delay and enjoy Pairi Daiza unlimitedly, all that by paying only the difference between your ticket of the day and the price of the pass.

Let's take a look at the Estivales 2018 program!

Here is the full program of the Summer of these Friday 24 and Saturday 25th of August (10 am - 11 pm)

The Happy Few Band 

The story of a bunch of pals who made the crazy bet to dust off the old marching bands: the musicians of the Happy Few Band bring with them their lightness and good humor to make Pairi Daiza dance. 


Clément & Alicia Horse Show

"JUNTOS" means "Together". Together, Alicia and Clement with their partners Intimo, Loco and Choco, present several disciplines in freedom based on trust and respect for the horse.


Celtic Seven

In reference to the seven Celtic regions, the Celtic Seven offer a rich repertoire of covers, medleys, own or traditional compositions, with Scottish, Irish or Breton influences.

Quinteto Rey Cabrera y sus Amigos 

Soul Factory offers a miscellaneous, festive and dancing repertoire featuring Soul, Disco and Pop Music. The band draws its energy from hits sang by Pharell Williams, Daft Punk, Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, Aretha Franklin, and many others ...

Iba Ndiaye Rose & Family

Joined by two percussionists, Senegalese just like him, Iba Ndiaye Rose takes you on a journey to discover West Africa to the sound of Djembe and Sabar.

Complètement Débulles

This performer artist will give you an earful while flooding you with poetic bubbles. He strolls around and fashions the creation of giant soap bubbles with a sense of taste and happiness. With a little luck, he will give you the pole and you will become the artist. 


Voyage Sonore

A musical escapade, a discovery of authentic, vibratory and enchanting soundscapes at the doors of the indonesian temple.

Dakka Andaloussia

Bringing together Arab, Berber and African influences, Dakka comes in the form of a traditional musical orchestra offering dancing, folkloric, typical or spiritual performances.


Stepped down from the stage where they use to perform, MACADAM'S comes to meet you on your way. Five musicians sunny-dressed up and wearing Borsalinos ... A singing and dancing repertoire, from swing to Salsa, jazz, french songs or even more exotic music. Don't miss it to have fun with family or friends ... or even alone, and meet people!



A man. A suitcase. And a mini piano. Belgo-Vietnamese Newton Lawrence travels the world with his unusual instrument to share laughter, happiness and emotions. He makes another stopover in the gardens of Pairi Daiza where he hopes to find this audience he loves so much.


«Reunion» in Polish, Spotkanie offers a colorful, dynamic and constantly evolving show. It is the meeting of enthusiasts eager to revive eastern traditions and folklore.

Water Loop

Water Loop has the particularity of integrating the pop/rock sound in a universe both jazzy and commercial. Their very eclectic repertoire ranges from succesful french songs to pieces from the pop repertoire through latino references, soundtracks and medleys. A jazzy atmosphere close to Santana, the Beatles or Saint-Germain des Prés.


To discover the full program, click on the image below.